Visma Severa is Professional Services Automation (PSA) software that helps you manage customers, projects, resources, schedules, work hours, invoices and financial reporting all in one system.

30-day Free Trial

Go to the website, at to sign up for a 30-day free trial and start using Visma Severa today!

During the free trial it’s possible to try Add-ons and test features with multiple employees. Or simply take a look around on your own before making a decision whether it fits your needs.

We suggest that you attend a free online demo, contact a product specialist or at least, read some of the support documentation to guide your set up and use of Visma Severa.


Go to to login to your Visma Severa account. The Version, if not already selected, should be Visma Severa. Enter the email address and password provided during registration and click Login.


Upon login, the system opens to your Dashboard.The Dashboard provides quick access to reports, such as the overview as well as Customer and Case listings, and other tools such as the Stopwatch and Work hour entry.

At first, the Dashboard shows only one tab. Its name and contents vary across the company according to the Access rights of the person logged in. There are unique Dashboards for each of the following Access rights profiles: Administrator, Employee, Project Manager and Senior Management.

New tabs are added to the Dashboard by clicking on the word Edit at the top left of the page, and then clicking on the + tab and adding content for the desired elements. Elements can be expanded across the page too.

The Administrator can create and share Dashboard tabs across the company according to Access rights profiles with Sharing. Other profiles can be granted Sharing privileges through Settings > Access rights profiles.

Return to the Dashboard from anywhere in the system by clicking on the Visma logo in the Top menu or the word Home in the breadcrumbs. See the Dashboards article for more details.


Finding your way around in Visma Severa is easy with the Top menu and additional navigation options including Breadcrumbs, top icons, links, buttons, Action menus, Searches and Reports.

Top menu

The top menu consists of eight buttons and the Search field. The button on the left, the Visma logo takes you back to the Dashboard. The button on the right, Logout closes your session and takes you to the Login page. Hover over the other buttons to reveal a drop-down menu with a variety of navigation options. See the Top menu article for more details.


Breadcrumbs are the words that appear on the top left of every page, directly below the Top menu. They identify your location in the system relative to Home by showing the progression of page titles. Clicking the linked word Home provides quick access to return to your Dashboard or simply navigate away from a page and the Breadcrumbs change accordingly.

Top icons

The icons located at the top right appear when there are available functions. The icons include: The Stopwatch, to start/stop recording work time for a case; Excel, to open or save data in MS Excel format; PDF, to open or save the page as an Adobe document and Expand/Contract, to switch between full and minimized window views.

Links, Buttons & Action menu

Throughout the system you will encounter links, buttons and Action menus. In Visma Severa, links are usually underlined, colored text that when clicked take you to specific Account, Case, Report or Activity pages. Buttons refer to the rectangular Add, Edit, Save, Next, Cancel, etc. functions that are a progression of functionality, and either take you to another page or open a pop-up window.

The Action menu is a small, blue box with a plus. It offers a variety of options such as opening a related page, adding information or changing a status. Hover on an Action menu to open the menu, and click to select an option in the list.

Searches & Reports

Simply start typing a name, number or word in the Search field and hit Enter to view a breakdown of related Accounts, Cases, Contacts, Files and Invoices.

Reports are also used to search, filter and navigate through data in your system. Go to the Reports > Report gallery to view the Available reports or Add a new report.


The Sidebar is a vertical panel along the right that is comprised of small applications or widgets, such as Upgrades, My Calendar, My Activities and Quick help.

Upgrades is only visible for people with the Access rights profile of Administrator, and provides access to Adjust features, Change edition and edit Billing details.

My Calendar is a mini calendar showing the current month in which days with Activities are highlighted. Clicking on a date opens the Calendar to that week, and clicking on today’s date at the bottom opens the Calendar to the current week. See the Calendar article for more information.

My Activities is an add-on that offers information about Activities on your Calendar. The Activity name, date and time are listed, and hovering on the activity with your cursor opens a Tooltip with additional information. Activities are listed according to date, showing Late, Today, Tomorrow, Next week, etc.

Quick help provides a link to the support site as well as brief instructions on how to use Visma Severa.


Tooltips are small boxes of information that appear to float on top of the page when the cursor is stationary above a word or object. Tooltips are present throughout the system, and provide quick access to details without having to navigate further. On the Calendar, for example, hover on an Activity to see details such as the Duration, Activity owner, Participants and Location in a Tooltip.

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