In the Activities & Phases section of a case, the root phase is the case itself (as shown in the image below). Phases added to the case must 'belong to' the root phase or another phase if creating multiple tiers.

Add a phase

In the Activities & Phases title bar, click New phase.

  • Enter a Name for the phase
  • By default a new phase belongs to the case (root phase). Use the "Belongs to" drop-down menu to relocate the phase to another position in the tree if desired.
  • Enter the Work estimate. If only a number is added, for example "10", it is regarded as hours. It is also possible to add weeks or days, for example entering "10 w", which will be regarded as 10 weeks.
  • Enter a Start date, when work will be started for this phase
  • Enter a Deadline to inform when work on the phase should be completed
  • Select the default Work type for the phase. When phase has a work type set, this work type will be defaulted for employees on work hour entry form when they enter work hours for this phase
  • If desired, click to mark the checkbox next to Lock phase to prevent hour entry. Or, come back to mark this later when the phase is complete.
  • Choose the employees who will be entering work hours for this phase, by adding them into phase members field. Phase members can be added by typing employee name in the field or by clicking the icon at the end of the field and choosing a whole business unit or individual employees from the list.
  • If your company uses the Resource allocation add-on, click Preview current allocations to view selected case members' current resource allocations.
  • Choose a Phase status from the drop down. Phase statuses are managed in Tools > Settings > Phase statuses. When selecting a status, also description can be given.
  • If desired, add activities for the phase in the Add activities section. Activities can be for example tasks that can be assigned to case members later when project is ongoing.
  • Click Save to add the phase.

After saving a phase, the view returns to the phase tree view. You can review the given deadlines and easily see if task deadlines are reached. By clicking the Lock-icon at the end of the phase, work hour entries for that phase can be locked. Once phase or task is completed, close them by clicking the checkbox at the end.

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