It's important to edit Case members before creating phases because the users available of Phase members is limited to selected Case members.

Link between Case and Phase members

When Case members (root phase) are same as Phase members (sub phase), changes to Case members will affect also Phase members. If Phase members are not same as Case members, changes to Case members does not effect Phase members.

Editing case members

  1. Open a case.
  2. In the Activities & Phases title bar, click Edit case members and the whole section changes to reveal a field in which current case members are listed.
  3. To the right of the Case members field, hover on the User icon to open a list of employees. 
  4. Click on a name in the list to add the employee to the case.
  5. If it's necessary to remove an existing case member, hover over their name in Case members field. Click the Delete icon on the right of the person's name to remove the person from the case.
  6. If using the Advanced resourcing add-on, click Preview current allocations to see all of the existing resource allocations for selected case members.
  7. If needed, click Case member cost exceptions to open a pop-up window, select an employee and change the employee's cost per hour for this case. 
  8.  Once case members are selected, click Save.

NOTE: Case members can also be edited by clicking on the root phase (case name) in the Activities & Phases section, however the view will be slight different than the image above since other phase details are displayed.

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