• The Advanced time tracking add-on is required to calculate the work hour balance.
  • After making changes to settings on Time tracking options, paid leave Activity types, Holidays, Overtime rates which 'Affect the work hour balance' or an employee's Work contract, it's necessary to go to the Work hour recalculation section on the Time tracking options page and Recalculate balance to update balances with recent changes.


The Work hour balance is the difference between the number of work hours entered and the Daily hours specified on an employee's Work contract.

The balance is calculated daily and displayed under My hours on the Work hour entry page, as the Total work hour balance and the Monthly work hour balance. The balance can be positive (green), negative (red) or null (black).

Calculation of the balance requires configuration of settings on the Time tracking options -page, including the  and the Work hour calculation starting date and the Workweek. A Maximum balance can be set as well.

If specified, Holidays, Paid leave and Overtime rates are considered in the balance. On an employee's Personal details page, the balance is only calculated when an active Work contract is in place and the balance can be adjusted.


Designated Holidays are not considered work days, and work hour entries aren't expected. Please see the Holidays article for more information.

Paid leave

Days marked on the calendar with Paid leave activities aren't counted as work days, and work hour entries aren't expected. 

Overtime rates

Hours identified as Overtime on the work hour entry form can be selected to affect the Work hour balance or not. Please see the Overtime rate article for more information.

User management

Work contract

A Work contract is mandatory in order to calculate an employee's work hour balance. Work contracts are automatically created for new employees when they're entered into Visma Severa.

Go to Tools > User management and click to open an employee's Personal details page. Review the Work contracts section to make sure an employee's contract is up to date.

The contract must specify the Start date and the expected Daily hours, and if an employee doesn't have a contract or the contract End date is in the past, their work hour balance won't be calculated.

Work hour balance

Through the Work hour balance section on an employee's Personal details page, the work hour balance can be manually set  to accommodate carried-over, paid-out or bonus hours.

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