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Company details are company-wide settings, preferences, formatting and logos. The Deactivate environment button is located at the bottom of the Company details page. Note that administrator access rights are required to perform the following steps.


Basic information is presented in the Overview section, including VAT number, time zone, currency, formatting, address and phone number.

Simply click a field or a drop-down menu to enter or edit information in the Overview, and Save.

Custom links

Custom links section is a way to add links to the Tools menu.

Links are visible to all employees when the Tools drop-down menu is open, and clicking a link opens the site in another tab on the current browser.

To add new links, enter a name and the web address, and click Add.

Document preferences

Document preferences are the default specifications for terms and footers on invoices and proposals (proposals are available with the Proposal creation add-on). 

Click the field for Payment terms or Overdue interest to enter or edit.

The text editor function is similar to the editor available on sections of the invoice. A grid with basic contact information is inserted on documents as footers by default.

  1. Click to select the grid and delete if desired
  2. Click to enter regular text, or click to position the mouse in the window and then click to insert a tag (located in below the editor window as blue, linked text)
  3. Save

Case selection format

The case selection format identifies how you want case information to appear when listed for selection on entries such as the Work hour entry form and Travel reimbursement requests (reimbursement requests are available with the Travel reimbursement add-on).

You can choose how cases are displayed for selection on the Work hour entry page. For example, if your company usually refers to projects by number, you can choose to display cases by number and then name for employee selection on the Work hour entry page.

Click on Tools > Settings in the top menu, and then in the Organization section click on Company details. Go to section Case selection format.

Choose from:

  1. Case and phase name
  2. Case number with case and phase name
  3. Account name with case name
  4. Account name with case and phase name
  5. Account name with case number and name

Also choose to view either Case name or Case short name.


The company Logo can be uploaded for display in the system sidebar, as well as on invoices.

  1. Click Browse to locate the JPG, PNG or GIF image file
  2. Once selected, click the relevant Upload button: Upload logo (invoices) OR Upload sidebar logo (right sidebar)
  3. Save

Deactivate environment

The Deactivate environment button is used to close the system and cancel the service subscription. Simply press the button, and confirm deactivation.

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