Invoice statuses are stages in the invoicing process from drafting and sending the invoice to payment. Other statuses can be added to meet the needs of your company. For example, if you use a billing service or an accounting integration it might be good to identify when invoices are transferred.

Invoice statuses can be delimited with the following criteria: read only, which means the invoice can't be edited or deleted; invoice number, which indicates when numbers are assigned; awaiting payment, which means the invoice has been sent to the customer, but no payment has been received; Sent, which simply means the invoice was sent; paid, which means payment has been received; and default after credit is the status invoices receive after being reimbursed.

Disabling a status doesn't affect invoices currently marked with that status, however a disabled status is no longer available for selection in the status drop-down menu. Note that If you switch invoice status directly from draft to reimbursed, it will also going through steps sent and paid

Manage invoice statuses

  1. Open tools, click settings and click to open invoice statuses. Existing statuses are displayed in the table in the order they appear in the drop-down menu.
  2. To add an invoice status, enter the name, and click to mark the relevant check-boxes for the status. Enter a description if needed. And, click add.
  3. Or, edit an existing status:
  • To change the name, the description, or other options on a status: Click the  icon for that row, make the necessary changes and click save
  • To change the status order in the drop-down menu: Click the blue arrows to reposition the statuses
  • To disable a status: Click disable for that row
  • To delete a status: Click disable on the row and then click the delete icon. If you delete a status which is in use, you can link the effected invoices to another work type on the dialog window that opens
  • Note that If you switch invoice status directly i.e. from draft to reimbursed, it will also going through steps sent and paid

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