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Bank details are information about your company's bank account(s) that are displayed on invoices in order to direct customer payments. Bank details include the name of the bank, the bank account number, the BIC code and identifying whether the account belongs to the organization as a whole or to an individual business unit.

Enter multiple bank accounts from different banks and all account numbers will be displayed on invoices to provide payment options. Inclusion of the BIC code is optional.

Manage bank details

  1. Hover on tools, click settings and click to open bank details. Existing bank information is displayed in the table.
  2. To add a bank account, enter the bank name, the bank account number, the BIC code (bank identifier code) and click to open the drop-down menu for business unit and click to select an option. Click add.
  3. Or, to edit an existing account, click the Edit, disable or delete icons. And remember to save changes.

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