Cost centers are available in Visma Severa when financial interface is used. Cost centers are visible in the settings if the interface supports them. Cost centers can also be enabled when using Severa API from API parametres.

The cost centers used in the 3rd party software (usually accounting software) must be matched to cost centers in Visma Severa.

Open Visma Severa and go to Tools > Setting > Cost centers. Add each cost center here so that Identifier matches the cost center number or code in the other software

In Visma Severa cost center must also be selected for business units. Go to Tools > Setting > Business units. Edit each business unit and choose correct cost center from the list. Save changes.

Cost center is registered for each invoice row and the information is transferred from Visma Severa to the accounting software.

Rules of how cost center is applied to each row:
- When employee enters work hours, travels or products from work hours -page -> cost center is employee's business unit's cost center.
- When item is added on Products -section of a case or directly on an invoice as a new invoice row -> cost center is case's cost center

Cost center can be changed on the invoice row by editing invoice rows and editing the row in question.

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