Steps for updating the Visma Administration Severa integration

  1. Open Visma Severa - Administration integration
  2. Go to Inställningar
  3. Copy the file locations and API key into a notepad, also write down the default artikelnummer and make a note of mappings and other settings if there are any
  4. Close the software
  5. Uninstall Visma Administration Severa Integration X.X.X from Program management (in Control panel)
  6. Install new version using VismaAdministrationSeveraIntegrationSetupXXX.msi. Download latest version here
  7. Go to C:\Program Files\SPCS\SPCS Administration and copy adk.dll into Visma Administration Severa Integration folder (C:\Program Files\Visma\Visma Administration Severa Integration), replace the previous Adk.dll
  8. Open Visma Severa - Administration integration from VismaAdminIntegration.exe
  9. Go to Inställningar
  10. Copy from notepad the correct file locations, API key, default artikelnummer and possible mappings/settings.
  11. Save settings

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