It is possible to login into Visma Severa using your Google account. No credentials are required to login into Visma Severa after first authentication as long as user is logged into Google's services.


  • Authentication works with all google accounts, also with gmail-accounts.
  • User must have same email address in Visma Severa as is his Google account's email address.
  • User accounts are created in Visma Severa and in Google as separate accounts. Once account exists in both systems, user can select "Sign in with Google" from Visma Severa's login page.

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How to login

When you login to your Google account, web browser stores the login into it's cache. As long as you are logged into your Google account, you are logged into Visma Severa as well.

  1. To login go to Visma Severa's normal login page
  2. Choose Sign in with Google
  3. Enter your Google account credentials and click Sign in

Page is redirected back to Visma Severa's dashboard or a list of available environments (if you have access to many with your email) where you can choose the one you want to access.

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