Emailing invoices directly from Visma Severa is a good option for those customers who are not using electronic invoicing or invoicing integration to 3rd party software. Invoice is attached in the email as pdf including all it's attachments. Recipients are selected from account's contacts and copy of the email can be sent to organization's user.

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Email invoice

Invoice can be emailed by clicking the email icon at the top of the invoice.

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Email message in detail

Email has a default subject and a message, both written in the language of the invoice. Both texts can be edited but notice the character limits; subject can hold maximum of 200 characters and email message 5000 characters. Message also includes a signature, which is user's name, organization's name and user's phone number.

Account's contacts who have email addresses, can be selected as email recipients (TO) and organization's users can be added as CC or BCC recipients. If account billing contact has been selected on the invoice and this contact has an email address, billing contact is added into the TO field as default. Email sender is automatically added as CC on the email.

Email's sender name and email address are user's name and email. Notice, that here user means the person who sends the invoice from Severa, not billing contact.

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