Report categories

The Report gallery is where reports are stored, created, edited and managed.

The gallery is divided into five categories Accounts, Cases, Entries, Financials and Users that house reports based on content. These categories can be expanded or collapsed as desired. When creating a new report, selecting the content, such as Accounts, Cases, Work hours, etc. from the drop-down menu, will determine the category where the report will be located in the Report gallery.

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Report sections

Within each category reports are separated into Available, Shared and My reports sections based on report ownership and workflow.


Available reports are frequently requested, general reports provided by Severa which are visible to all people in a company, however data populating the report is visible according to Access rights.

Available reports can't be deleted, but can be made/removed as a favorite or moved to My reports.


The Shared section only appears in the Report gallery when reports are shared for the Access rights profile of the person using the system. Shared reports can be edited, made/removed as a favorite or sent as a link to colleagues.

My reports

My reports is where people store their own reports. My Reports section is populated by creating new reports, editing and renaming existing reports or moving reports from the Available section. Reports in the My reports section can be renamed, deleted, edited, made/removed as a favorite or sent as a link to colleagues.

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Report creation

New reports are created on the Report gallery page using

  • the New report button
  • the + Add new link

Use one of the methods above to start creating a new report. Depending on the type of report, select subsequent content, specify Result columns and identify Search filters as necessary. Click Search and the report will display below. Review the results, and either edit the contents or save the report.

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Using existing report as a template

New reports can also be created by opening, editing and saving existing reports.

  1. Open a report from the drop-down menu under Reports in the top menu or through the Report gallery
  2. In the gray box at the top of the page, click Show to reveal the search criteria
  3. Change the Content, Result columns or Search filters as desired
  4. Provide a new name for the report and save it

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Quick menu

When hovering on the icon to the left of a report name, the Quick menu appears. Depending on the report section (My reports, Shared or Available) different options are available.

  • My reports: Make/remove favorite, Rename, Send report link and Delete
  • Shared: Make/Remove favorite and Send report link

  • Available: Make/Remove favorite and Move to My reports

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Make/Remove favorite

Hover on the icon to the left of a report name, and using the Quick menu select to Make favorite or Remove favorite. A star appears on the icon of favorite reports to identify them. Favorite reports are available through the Reports drop-down in the top menu

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Move to My reports

Reports in the Available section can be moved to the My reports section by hovering over the icon, and selecting Move to My reports in the Quick menu. Once moved, the report will no longer display in the Available section unless it’s deleted from My reports.

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Send report link

Reports in the Shared and My reports sections can be sent to colleagues in your company who have access to Severa. A link containing the report criteria is sent by email, and when a colleague clicks the link they are prompted to login to Severa. In Severa, the report page opens with the report criteria identified and the report displayed according to your colleague’s Access rights. It’s important to note, the criteria of a report will always be visible however the report itself may display differently depending on your colleague's Access rights.

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Deleting a report

Reports in the My reports section can be deleted in Report gallery view. Hover on the icon to the left of a report name, and using the Quick menu select to Delete. Once deleted, the report will no longer be available.

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