Visma Severa is a software that is normally accessed from anywhere in internet. Some companies have such a security policies that this is not acceptable and it is required that employees can access Visma Severa only from from trusted IP addresses. When Security management add-on is enabled, company can create a whitelist of IP addresses into Severa's settings and this way prevent login from any other IP address. The restriction applies to integrations (API) and mobile usage as well.

Security management add-on can be purchased via Upgrades.

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IP addresses can be either in IPv4 or in IPv6 format. When IP addresses are added or deactivated/deleted, the changes become effective immediately. There is no impact on the users who are currently logged in, they will be authenticated next time they log in.

Go to Tools > Settings > Security to add, edit or remove IP addresses. IP addresses can be entered only in a format of "x.x.x.x" (e.g.

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