1. When case sales status is "in Progress", report always shows text "Sales" and tooltip shows current sales status
  2. When case sales status is "Won" or "Lost" progress is calculated as follows
    1. When case is closed progress is 100 %
  • In cases-report progress shows text Closed
  • When case is open (this is used both customer and internal cases)
  • Start date and deadline is needed when calculating progress figures
  • If deadline is not given, we use current day + 30 days as a deadline
  • If deadline is given, we use it as it is
  • One day is 24 h and we use time stamps when calculating progress percentages
  • Example: Case start date is 21.7.2014 and deadline is 28.7.2014
    • First we check how much hours we have done from start date to current date. Current date 28.7.2014 and time 8:00 a.m. => 28.7.2014 (current date and time in hours) - 21.7.2014 (start date and time in hours) = 176 h
    • Then we check possible hours => 28.7.2014 - 21.7.2014 = 8 pv = 192 h
    • Progress is calculated (176 h / 192 h) * 100 = 92 % (rounded to the nearest integer figure)
  • When start date is in the future, cases report shows text Start date 29.7.2014
  • When deadline is in the past, cases report shows text Deadline was 27.7.2014

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