The work hour related values and KPI's displayed on Work hour page are editable so that it is possible to determine on organization level, what is displayed there. Selections for the page are made in settings, in "Work hour overview".

There are two kinds of figures available, the standard ones, provided by Visma Severa that cannot be edited and User KPI's that you can create yourself. User KPI's require an Advanced reporting add-on. Both standard and own KPI's can be added and removed from the view.

On the work hour page, all the values, also KPI's are limited with selected month as time frame. Month is selected from the mini calendar, next to the values.

Standard values:

  • General:
    • Hours excl. overtime: Total amount of work hours entered, excluding overtime.
    • Overtime: Total amount of work hours that are marked as overtime.
    • Work hours: Sum of work hours and overtime.
    • Absences: Sum of hours from out of office (absence) activities. (Only shown if organization has Activity management add-on active.)
    • Hours and absences: Sum of work hours and absences.
    • Billable: Percentage of billable hours compared to total work hours entered.
    • Productive: Percentage of productive hours compared to total work hours entered.
  • Work contract:
    • Expected hours: Total of hours from user's work contract.
  • Time entries:
    • Time entries: Sum of hours from time entries.
  • Work hour approval: (Shown only if Advanced time-tracking add-on is active, and organization is using work hour approval)
    • Approved: Total of approved work hours
    • Not approved: Total of not approved work hours
    • Not reviewed: Total of not reviewed work hours

User KPI's (Shown only if Advanced reporting add-on is active)

  • All active user KPIs of the organization. User KPI's are defined in Tools > Settings > KPI.

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