Starting from integration version 2.0, integration settings are defined in Severa's settings. Previously settings were defined in a configuration file stored in the Visma Globaql server.

The settings in Severa are the same as in the configuration file of integration version 1.3.9, but they are named more user friendly way and re-organized. To help those who are upgrading from version 1.3.9 or older, we have created a table where you can compare what was the name of the old configuration key and how it is now called in Severa's settings.


Category in configuration fileKey in configuration fileLabel of the setting in SeveraCategory in Severa's settingsNotes
Visma Global connectionVismaGlobalDataConnectionGlobal company nameConnection settings 
Visma Global connectionVismaGlobalUserNameVisma Global user nameConnection settings 
Visma Global connectionVismaGlobalPasswordVisma Global passwordConnection settings 
Severa API keySevera3ApiKey--Remains in company.config
Master systemMasterMasterMaster settings 
Master systemAccount MasterCustomer masterMaster settings 
Master systemBusiness Unit MasterDepartment/Business unit masterMaster settings 
Master systemCase MasterProject masterMaster settings 
Master systemProduct MasterProduct masterMaster settings 
Master system

User Master

Employee masterMaster settings 
CustomersTransferrableCustomerTypeNosCustomer typesCustomer settings 
ProductsVismaGlobalDefaultArticleNoDefault article number for products and itemsArticle/Product settings 
ProductsVismaGlobalDefaultTravelExpenseArticleNoDefault article number for travel expensesArticle/Product settings 

Default article number for work hours

Article/Product settings 

Article types

Article/Product settings 
CasesCaseIsInternalProjectCategoryNoProject category for internal projectsProject settings 
CasesTransferrableProjectTypeNosProject typesProject settings 
CasesSevera3CaseSalesStatusSales statusProject settings 
CostsCostSalesValuePercentageSales value percentageVoucher/cost settings 
CostsCostTransferVoucherTypesVoucher typesVoucher/cost settings 
CostsCostTransferGLAccountNosGeneral ledger account numbersVoucher/cost settings 
Orders and invoicesSevera3InvoiceStatusTransferStatus of invoice in Severa that will be transferred to Visma GlobalOrder/Invoice settings 
Orders and invoicesSevera3InvoiceStatusTransferredStatus of invoice in Severa that is transferred to Visma GlobalOrder/Invoice settings 
Orders and invoicesSevera3InvoiceStatusSentStatus of send invoice in SeveraOrder/Invoice settings 
Orders and invoicesSevera3InvoiceStatusPaidStatus of paid invoice in SeveraOrder/Invoice settings 
Orders and invoicesTransfer Invoice Row CostTransfer cost of invoice rowOrder/Invoice settings 
Orders and invoicesSevera3InvoiceRowBusinessUnitFromCaseOrder line's department behaviorOrder/Invoice settings 
EmployeesTransferrableEmployeeCatNosEmployee typesEmployee settings 
LoggingLogFilePathLog file pathLog file settings 
Followed voucher typesfollowedVoucherTypesVoucher types for paymentsOrder/Invoice settings 

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Category in configuration fileKey in configuration fileLabel of the setting in SeveraCategory in Severa's settingsNotes
Severa 3 APISevera3ApiUri--Remains in service.exe.config
Config FolderConfigFolder--Remains in service.exe.config
Master SystemMaster--No longer exists
Master SystemAccount Master--No longer exists
Master SystemBusiness Unit Master--No longer exists
Master SystemCase Master--No longer exists
Master SystemProduct Master--No longer exists
Master SystemUser Master--No longer exists
Transfer IntervalTransfer Interval in Minutes--Remains in service.exe.config
Logging and Error ReportingNotificationEmailReceiver email address for errorsEmail configuration for error emails 
Logging and Error ReportingNotificationEmailSenderSender email address of errorsEmail configuration for error emails 
Logging and Error ReportingLog Max Size in KBMaximum size of log file (KB)Log file settings 
Logging and Error ReportingClientSettingsProvider.ServiceUri--No longer exists
Mail Settings


Host name
Username to authenticate email sending
Password to authenticate email sending
Email configuration for error emails 

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