There are couple of things that should be verified in Visma Severa, when you wish to start using the team productivity feature. It is there for everyone to use, but the results might not be correct until some settings are checked.

1. Products

Products are divided into three product types. With the product types, we can define different kind of fixed fee invoicing, if we are invoicing actual physical products, external work or internal work. All products will have as default "own work" as product type. Product register should be corrected based on what the products really are, to be able to divide invoicing correctly. Product type options are "Own work", "Subcontracting" and "Products". There is a "Product type management" tab in the Products page to help with updating the types. so that type can be changed for multiple products on one go.

2. Price lists

There is no longer need to have "Fixed price" price list with 0,00 prices for work hours. Price lists should be set with work hour prices as they have been "sold". The price of work hour now equals to value of work hour. So, in short, all projects should have price lists where prices for work hours are defined, so that work hours entered for the project will have value.

On the price lists, there is now "bill customer" check box that controls if the work hours really go to invoice, or if the work hours are only considered as value for the project, when invoicing is done with fixed fees.

Work hours with price are considered as "billable", even if the invoicing is done with fixed fees. This ensures that employees Billable-% is still correct regardless of how project is invoiced.

3. Team productivity

There is a settings page for Team productivity, where you should define how is the share of billing calculated for the employees. As default, employees get their "Share of billing"  based on the value of hours. Share of billing can also be divided based on quantity of work hours or by employee costs.

You can also choose what kind of invoicing is shared for the employees. As default the billing consists of invoiced work hours and products with type "own work".

The setup of how "Share of billing" is calculated in your organization, is then used on projects and reports.

4. Reports

Many reports have new values related to value of hours and share of billing. Take a look at your existing reports and our new values, and change your saved reports to show information relevant to you. There is also a new report available called "Users".  To find out how new values are calculated, check our our Glossary.

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