The following changes will be released to Visma Severa's API in the November 2015 releases:

Interface changes

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ContactgGUID was calculated differently depending on the API call used:

API call: GetActivityContactParticipants
GUID c: GUID.InfoToGUID("Contact", contactParticipant.ID)

API call: GetAllActivityParticipants
GUID c: GUID.InfoToGUID("Contact", CType(activityParticipant, Severa.Entities.ActivityContactMemberEx).ContactID)

The correct method is the latter. Changed GetActivityContactParticipants to get the GUID the same way as GetAllActivityParticipants


GetWorkDayInfoByDateRangeAndUserGUID, one optional boolean argument is added to the method: includeInfoForInactiveUser (which defaults to true). If this is set to true, the data for the user will be returned, no matter if it is active or not.

Also, when calling the method using Java: The time in the startDate and endDate was used (which should not have been the case), and this caused some problems with the returned WorkDayInfo (hour entries were empty). This issue is fixed in this method, and also in 3 other methods: GetHourEntriesByDate(), GetHourEntriesByDateAndUserGUID(), and GetHourEntriesByCaseGUID().


GetPhaseMembersByPhaseGUID had a bug that is now fixed. When onlyActive parameter is set to TRUE, only those phase members that are active in Severa are now returned.


Two new methods are added inside ICase:

  • AddNewBillingAndExpenseForecastToCase
  • UpdateBillingAndExpenseForecast

ITimezone is exposed to API with GetAllTImezones and GetTImezonebyGUid


Entity changes

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Release date

ItemNew field ProductType is added22.11.2015
ProductNew field Type is added.22.11.2015

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