Visma Scanner mobile app helps you to get your travel receipts quickly into Severa.

Take a picture of your receipts immediately when you get them and finish your travel reimbursement later. No more lost receipts!

The app is free to use and all you need to have is Travel reimbursement add-on in Severa.

Download "Visma Scanner" from AppStore or Google Play store.

How the app works?

Log in (with Severa credentials) and take a picture of the receipt.

Once you have confirmed the picture, you are asked to enter more details for the receipt.

If all the details are filled in, then a travel row with the image attached will appear on Travel reimbursement in Severa

You can also leave all (or some) details blank and later you'll find the pictures from Severa's travel reimbursement, behind the attachment icon of new or existing row. From there you can add the pictures to travel rows you create in Severa.


In case you don't see some picture in Severa, take a look at the "Error log" tab on the Travel reimbursement.

The items get locked in Visma Scanner once the receipts are on a travel row in Severa. If you wish to unlock the item in Visma Scanner, you need to delete whole travel row in Severa. After making the changes in the app, refresh Severa's page and the row will re-appear.

Unfortunately single sign-on methods do not work with the app. To log in, username and password is needed.

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