You can access report creation from the left side Reports menu. When you open the Report creation you are redirected to Sales report view. From there you can start creating reports for your own or company use.

First you need to select what type of data you want to report (main section). After that you get the list of available report templates.

On the right you have the possibility to select the filters and values used. Filters help you to narrow down the data and we have pre-selected few most commonly used filters for each report. You can either use these or remove the defaults by hovering your mouse over a filter so that remove button appears.

When you are done with the report and want to save it for future use, you can either save it as your own personal report or share it with others using the access rights profiles. You can also mark it as favorite. This way you can access it using the Favorite reports button from the top menu.

When the report can be exported either as Excel or as a CSV file, the icons on top of the search results become active. Note that not all reports are exportable.

All saved reports can be accessed through Report gallery.

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